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Can you help me with my design?
We take whatever images, logos, sample layouts you have and combine it with the text you want to incorporate! After we complete the first version of your design you will be sent a proof by email. Revisions and tweaks will be made until you are completely satisfied with the final product.
What is the difference between digital and offset printing?
Digital printing is generally used when printing smaller quantities. This is because there is much more time and cost involved with preparing for an offset (printing press) job. Offset printing is used for larger quantities where the higher cost of setup is justified by the lower cost of production per piece. Generally smaller quantities (under 1000) are printed digitally. 
What kind of files can I submit?
We accept PDF files only -- preferably PDFx:1a files because they support transparencies. We can accept other files but you may be subject to a file conversion fees which varies. The ideal specs are as follows: 300 dpi (resolution), with a 1/8th inch bleed and a 1/4 inch text safety.
Can I use 2 different graphic files for my order?
You can't use two separate image files, say, for an order of 1000 postcards. You would need to order 500 of each version instead.
What is bleed?
Bleed is the 1/8" extra added to each edge of an artwork files. For instance, a standard business card should be submitted at 3.75"x2.25". The cutting process in printing is not absolutely perfect so the extra 1/8" is just in case the cut is off a tiny bit. You will see the bleed rather than the white line from the unprinted paper.
What are internal margins?
This is the opposite of a bleed. Text should not be placed within 1/4" of the cut line.
What does AQ coating mean?
AQ is short for aqueous and is a water based varnish applied over the finished print product. Aqueous coating gives a matte gloss finish to the final product.
What does UV coating mean?
UV is short for Ultraviolet and is a coating applied over the finished print product. UV coating gives the card stock a high-quality glossy sheen.
Will I receive Proofs before printing?
Typically we send proofs by email only but if you would like to see a hard copy proof printed from our digital Minolta printed were can do that for an additional cost.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all credit cards (Amex is subject to a processing fee) or electronic payments via PayPal or debit. We do not accept cheques.
What does shipping cost?
Shipping is calculated in the cart. Our prices are competitive.
Can you mail me some samples of our order?
We can send the samples by UPS ($15), we normally do not send with Canada Post since in the past some of them have gotten lost and customers get upset, so we only send them with UPS.
Does APD has any ISBN Numbers we could use or would we need to provide our own?
You will have to supply an ISBN, is a very simple process that can be done online. We can create the bar code for the ISBN number once you purchased for $65 or some websites already provide the bar code.
Could you also let me know your "trade price" in percentage you had us setup into your website?
Our prices in our website are trade prices, and they are only available to trade accounts, you need to add your percentages based on your profit / margins.
How glossy is your AQ coating for business cards?
Our AQ is a glossy finishing, some people may call it semi gloss since is not as glossy as UV Coating (UV is a very high gloss that resembles Laminating) If you need samples to make sure please order a sample kit in our site.
I already paid for shipping, Is there any additional cost to blind ship the order since is going to a different address than mine?
There is no additional cost to blind ship, we will blind ship the order automatically if your billing address and shipping address are different.
Do you print Envelopes 4/4 or 4/0?
Unfortunately, at the moment we do not print Envelopes 4/4 or 4/0
What is our Return Policy?
All sales are final. Every print job is carefully inspected before it is shipped from our facility. If there is an issue with your job or is damaged upon receipt please contact us within 10 business days after your package arrives. All claims MUST be made within 10 days of receiving your order. Shipping charges are non-refundable unless product is lost or delayed by the shipping courier. Returned products must be returned in full for refund. Should your print job contain manufacturing errors and/or defects, we will rerun and ship the job at no charge. reserves the exclusive right to judge what a manufacturing error and/or defect is. On a case by case basis we will investigate and determine if the damage was due to negligence on our part. Please contact our Customer Relations Department at 1-866-215-7831 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5:30pm EST so we can handle your request.
Why changing 0.5 inch could potentially change the price significantly?
We use different standard sizes, small changes in size, could potentially reduce how many pieces fit in a press sheet. In some cases a very change in size can produce up to a 50% increase in price. Please consult your sales representative for best sizes and stocks.
Does APD Printing on Laser/inkjet safe stocks, so the customers may use them in their printers?
APD Printing uses Laser safe inks in all of ours offset presses. Laser:  In terms of stock, the only in-House stock that is Laser safe is the 70lb offset text. There are many brand stocks that are laser safe. Glossy & Matte stocks are technically not laser safe. Although we use them constantly in our digital, we use a high end laser digital equipment. Inkjet:  For Inkjet we recommend 70lb offset text. Depending  on the inkjet brand and equipment photo quality may not as good as inkjet paper. However if the product is intended just to re-print text, addresses and not photographs then 70lb offset text will work fine.
What is a press approval ? Do you have to be at your place when it runs ?
A press Approval  is a step in the printing process. It takes place after a printing press is set up but before the print run is underway. If you request it we will schedule and contact you a day and then a few hours before we are ready to go to press. Yes you need to come to our plant to sign on the press sheet during the setup on press.